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1 Tent/2 person occupancy/One Vehicle $25.00
        - Each Extra persons 12 years and older. - $8.00
        - Children 11 to 6 years old. - $4.00
        - Children 5 and under are free.
        - Each additional tent added to a tent site. - $10.00

We reserve the right to change rates with out notice

Each reservation requires 100% payment due at time of reservation.

Hunter's Tents are not allowed on the grass in the Tent area at any time.

During the summer months when tempatures are 80° or higher, tents have to be moved every 3 days, there will be no exception as the tent will kill the grass that we work so hard at keeping alive.

Electric cars cannot be charged in the tent sites! If you are needing to charge your electric vehicle, you will need to reserve a 50 Amp site.

How to make a Reservation

Steens Mountain Wilderness Resort is proud to now be featured within the Campspot™ Reservation System!

Here is some information to help you get started - Thank you for reading!

Please make sure you have read and that you understand the Cancelation, Holiday and Refund policy(s)
prior to making your reservation.

We reserve the right to change rates with out notice.

Each reservation requires 100% payment due at time of reservation.

Remember to register everyone in your party:
Adults (12 and older), Children (11 - 6),
and Children (5 - 0)
Number of Pets

Once Reservation has been completed, an Email Confirmation is sent out immediately.
Please look for that email, open it, read and then click on the link within the body of the email
and check the following:

1) Is your arrival and departure date correct?
2) Is the number of people in your party correct?
3) Did you register your pets?
4) While there, please "Read and Accept" the Terms and Condtitions on your reservation.

Acceptance is required prior to your arrival,
we will not release Bathroom Codes or WiFi Password with this step not being completed.

Click the button below to be directed to our Campspot Reservation System.

Thank you and we will see you soon!

Cancelation, Holiday and Refund Policies

Please read BEFORE making a reservation. By submitting your payment, you state you've
read AND understand our policies.

We anticipate that our policy will change from time to time, and we expressly reserve the right to change the policy when we find it to be appropriate. Your continued use of our resort constitutes your acceptance of our rules and policies, including any and all changes.

Limit of 1 vehicle/1 Tent per Tent site allowed

    Tent Cancelation Policy:
  • If you cancel 5 days or more from your scheduled arrival date you will be charged a cancellation fee of $25.00 and a 10% processing fee of reservation total with and the balance refunded.
  • If you cancel 4 days or less prior to your reservation date, there are no refunds.
  • To CANCEL your Reservation: Please reply to the “Email Confirmation” that was sent when you made your reservation and request that the reservation be cancelled. Once the request has been processed, an email will be sent confirming the cancellation. Please contact us after 48 hours if you have not received this email.
    Reservations during a Federal Holiday:
  • If you cancel 10 days or more prior to your reservation you will be charged $25 cancellation fee and a 10% processing fee.
  • if you cancel 9 days or less from the date of your scheduled arrival you will not receive a refund.
  • Minimum 2 days required for all Federal Holiday Weekend
    Changes to a Tent Reservations
  • Changes to your reservation can be made up the 5 days prior to arrival.
  • If you are adding days, credit card used at time of reservation will be charged at the time of change.
  • If canceling days, the balance will be refunded.
  • If email is received 4 days or less, there will not be a refund of day(s) cancelled.
  • To CHANGE a Reservation: Please reply to the “Email Confirmation” that was sent when you made your reservation and request that the change you need to make. We allow ONE change per reservation with no additional charge to you. Once the request has been processed, an email will be sent confirming the change. Please contact us if you do not receive a confirmation of change after 48 hours of request.
    Refund Policy
  • We do not refund for early departure due to weather, illness, work schedules or other situations that are out of our control.
  • Camping is an outdoor experience; therefore, we do not give refunds due to sand, trees, the discomforts of nature, illness, work schedules, dislike of your neighbors, or change of minds in staying. We do not refund / pro-rate for early departure.
  • When you provide credit card information at time of reservation, you are stating that you have read and agree to our Cancelation, Holiday
    and Refund Policy.
    Arrival Information:
  • Check-In: Noon
  • Check-Out: Noon
  • Late Arrivals: If you are arriving after the office closes, arrangements can be made for late arrival. Please call the office and let us know.
  • Late Check Out: The Office may be able to arrange a late check out, if available.  If prior arrangements are not made before check-out time and you are still on site, another day will be added to your reservation


Phone (541) 493-2415

Office Hours
Spring and Summer

March 16th thru October 10th
9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.(PST)

Fall and Winter Office Hours
October 10th thru March 15th
10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.(PST)


35678 Resort Lane, Frenchglen, OR 97736

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